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Did you Solange Knowles has her own blog - and that it's fairly hard to find? How very uncelebby of her, you say! And indeed that is Beyonce's little sister's most endearing quality - she seems like a properly cool girl, who as well as leading a glamorous lifestyle as a singer/DJ, has raised a gorgeous little boy, travels all over the globe soaking up some culture, not just rays, and snapping great pictures too (which you'll find on her website And for every occasion - whether exploring Africa or roaming the urban NYC jungle - she wears some mighty fine rule-breaking outfits. Unlike her ultra-groomed superstar sibling, Solange appears to have a more wild and carefree approach to getting dressed. And that, my friends, includes an incredible skill for that most liberating of all wardrobe ideas, print and colour clashing! Seriously, she inspires me to try harder in the fun fashion department.

Despite the extensive print clash coverage in mags over the past two or so seasons, it's actually not an easy styling move to make. Not even for girls who are print maestros! Do you play with proportion? With colour? Do you really keep everything else simple? How many prints do you clash for max effect? Herein lies the problem; there are plenty of potential hurdles when it come to playing with prints, which is why it's best to just take a confident approach, mash it together and finish it off with some statement sunnies, head turning hair and some obvious makeup.I reckon a more is more approach may well pay off. So why not go full throttle a la Solange and there's no way someone can doubt your fashion ability! Right?? Right. I'm going to listen to my own advice and put the Solange style method to the test, without buying anything new at all.... Outfit results to be posted ASAP.Stay tuned...

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